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The Little Big Picture Launch

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Local elected officials, business owners and area residents met this morning in Market Square to officially launch The Little Big Picture campaign. Mayor Gearity spoke at the event, noting how this campaign will serve as a model for municipalities throughout the Hudson Valley.

Ossining’s recently updated Village Code was developed to increase economic development, create a more sustainable and attractive downtown, and encourage greater public access and use of Ossining’s scenic waterfront. The Little Big Picture campaign will educate the public about that initiative and encourage 100-percent compliance.

“Ossining has one of the most enviable commercial backdrops in New York State, a birds-eye view of the majestic Hudson River” said Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity. “This campaign will honor it by making Ossining an even cleaner, brighter, and more vibrant place to live, shop, and socialize.”

“What we do on a daily basis has a profound impact on our Village and the environment,” said Village of Ossining Deputy Mayor and Trustee Rika Levin. “Ossining’s Little Big Picture campaign will remind each of our residents, businesses, and visitors that tiny, individual actions have a big impact in keeping Ossining clean, vibrant, and growing.”

Ossining has taken a bold leadership role in furthering local environmental initiatives in New York’s Hudson Valley in recent years: Ossining will celebrate its 9th Annual Earth Day festival on Saturday, April 27th, a family-oriented riverfront event that includes music, crafts, artisan shopping, and myriad educational activities. Thousands are expected to attend.

As an extension to the campaign, the DDFC announced that it will be reaching out to local organizations for the design and creation of an art installation in Market Square to bring even greater public visibility to the campaign.

“A clean village is a prosperous village,” said DDFC member and Ossining resident Andrew Kaplan. “Tidy shops, immaculate storefronts, and meticulously swept streets appear as open arms to shoppers and investors. That’s what this village wants; that’s where it’s going, and we are enormously proud of it.”

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