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Business & Property Owners

Local businesses, tenants, and property owners play an important role in making Ossining a thriving, vibrant place to live and work. By keeping Ossining clean, and buildings well maintained, our community becomes more appealing to customers and residents which helps drive our local economy.

Clean Exteriors

It’s your job to keep the exterior areas of your business or property tidy and litter-free.  

Keep outdoor areas, including yards and lawns, clean and free of garbage and waste of any kind.

All outdoor areas and structures must be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.

Keep grass trimmed, no more than twelve inches in height.

In the Fall, rake leaves to the curb or bag for weekly pickup. Do not rake leaves into the street.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Keeping the sidewalks outside of your business or property clean and safe is your responsibility.

Keep sidewalks, walkways and crosswalks clear for pedestrian use.

Sweep sidewalks and remove and dispose of litter, cigarette butts, gum, weeds and trash.

Remove litter from tree planters and other structures.

Clear snow or ice from sidewalks next to your property within six hours after the end of a snowstorm (not including 7pm to 7am).


Proper trash management is an important step in keeping Ossining clean and beautiful.

Place garbage in containers with tight-fitting covers of no more than 35 gallons of capacity and containing no more than 75 pounds.

A dumpster is required for residential properties that exceed five 35-gallon containers.

Place all trash at the curb for collection no sooner than 5pm the day before pickup.

Store garbage indoors on non‑pickup days.

Separate bulk pickup items (i.e. furniture, refrigerators, rugs, mattresses) from regular garbage and place at the curb line, or at an approved location for dumpster collection.

Place mattresses and box springs in a sealed plastic bag.

Food establishment owners must provide at least one trash bin at each exit for customer use.

Recycling is mandatory. For a list of recycled materials, click here.

Building Façade Maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of the building you own or lease for your business helps keep Ossining safe for everyone.

Building exteriors should be kept clean and in good repair and structurally sound.

Eliminate peeling, flaking or chipped paint and repaint surfaces.*

Stablize and coat metal surfaces that may rust or corrode.

Identify the building’s address using numbers or letters that are at least 4” in height and can be clearly seen from the road.

Overhangs (e.g., canopies, marquees signs, metal awnings, fire escapes, standpipes, exhaust ducts) must be properly permitted, anchored, and maintained.*

*Permits required


Know the rules about business signage. Materials, location and size all matter!

Permanent exterior business signs require a permit from the building department prior to installation.

Permits are required for temporary signs and are issued to new businesses for 30 days to announce a grand opening.

A window sign cannot exceed 25% of the exposed window area or not more than 16 square feet per window without a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Signs are not permitted inside windows in residential districts.

Moving, rotating, or flashing signs are not permitted.

Do not use signs made of temporary materials such as cardboard or paper for more than 30 days.

Remove signage if your property or business is vacant for more than 60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are permits required?

  • Any interior structural alterations
  • Electrical or plumbing changes
  • Any exterior changes
  • New Signage
  • Changes to existing signs
  • Exterior painting or paint removal

Please Note: We do NOT accept any permits by mail. All Permit Applications must be filed in person at the Building Department.

For more information, see the Building Department Brochure: Building Department Brochures

View Building Department Permits & Forms

Which common forms of construction require a Building Permit?

  • Construction of a residential or commercial building
  • Alterations to an existing residential or commercial building
  • Additions to an existing residential or commercial building
  • Conversion of an unfinished basement to finished living space
  • Conversion of an unfinished attic to finished living space
  • Construction of a deck or reconstruction of an existing deck
  • Legalizations of any previous construction done without a permit
  • The installation of an above-ground or in-ground pool with a water depth of 24” or more
  • Installation of an accessory structure that is more than 144 square feet in size (garages, sheds, etc.) or if construction is on a permanent foundation, or if greater than 15 feet in height
  • Construction or replacement of a concrete or wood staircase which is attached to the building
  • Installation or removal of mechanical equipment, including: HVAC systems; oil or propane tanks; boilers; solar panels and solar equipment; wood/pellet stoves or fireplace inserts; fire suppression

What is required when filing a Building Permit Application?

  • A completed Building Permit Application.
  • If Building Plans are required, submit three sets of plans sealed and signed by a Licensed N.Y.S. architect or engineer (minimum size of 11”x17” Building Plan Sheets).
  • A copy of the Westchester County Home Improvement Contractor’s License (residential construction only, for work being performed by a contractor). Not required if work is being done by the homeowner.
  • A copy of the Home Improvement Contractor’s Liability Insurance naming the Village of Ossining as Certificate Holder and additional insured, and the address where the proposed scope of work will take place.
  • A copy of the Home Improvement Contractor’s current Workman’s Compensation Insurance Certificate (Form C-105.2).
  • A copy of the Home Improvement Contractor’s current Disability Insurance Certificate (Form DB-120.1).
  • A completed Owner’s Authorization sheet (when applicable) if the Building Permit Application is not signed by the homeowner
  • Additional specific insurance requirements, as applicable, on the Application

What is required for a Plumbing Permit?

Plumbers must be Westchester County licensed, and will need to appear in person at the Building Department to file a Plumbing Permit Application. A copy of the plumber’s license and the fee connected to the application process will be taken by our staff. If the application is connected to an existing Building Permit, please provide that number to us.
We do not accept permits by mail.

What is required for an Electrical Permit?

Electricians must be Westchester County licensed, and will need to appear in person at the Building Department to file an Electrical Permit Application. A copy of the electrician’s license and the fee connected to the application process will be taken by our staff. If the application is connected to an existing Building Permit, please provide that number to us. Additionally, a completed application by the electrical inspection company (NYEIS, SWIS, or Swanson Consulting Inc.) must be submitted. We do not accept electrical permits by mail.

When is a Business Occupancy Certificate required?

A business occupancy certificate is required when there is a change of occupant in commercial spaces. Please contact the building department to obtain the proper certificate prior to leasing.

What should I do if my property is vacant?

  • Owners must notify the Building Department of vacancies within 30 days of the premise being vacated.
  • Vacancies must be registered with the Building Department after 60 days of continuous vacancy. Fees may apply. (Vacant Building Registration Form)
  • Vacant properties must be properly secured, with doors and windows in proper repair.
  • All garbage must be removed from the property within 60 days.

What do Code Enforcement and Fire Inspectors look for?

For more information, see the Code Enforcement Brochure: Building Department Brochures

What are my responsibilities as a property owner?

  • Property owners are responsible for maintaining both the interior and exterior of their property, and should keep the property free of rubbish and hazards.
  • Please keep sidewalks free of rubbish and obstructions at all times.
  • Cars that are in disrepair should not be left on the property; the Village will allow a limit of one unregistered vehicle per parcel.
  • Structures shall be kept free from insect and rodent infestation. Structures in which insects or rodents are found shall be promptly exterminated by approved processes that will not be injurious to human health. After pest elimination, proper precautions shall be taken to prevent reinfestation.
  • Swimming pools shall be maintained in clean and sanitary condition and in good repair.
  • Every interior and exterior flight of stairs having more than 4 risers shall have a handrail on one side of the stair, and every open portion of a stair, landing, balcony, porch, deck, ramp, or other walking surfaces that is more than 30” above the floor grade shall have guards.
  • Fencing does not require a building permit. Regulations require that a fence be no higher than 36” in the front yard and no more than 78” in height in the rear and side yards. It is also required that the “good neighbor policy” shall apply; install the fence with the nicer side facing your neighbor or public right of way, with the post on the installer’s side of the fence.
  • Landlords are to provide to tenants heat at 68 degrees 24 hours a day from September 15 to May 31, and 65 degrees in commercial work spaces.

Building Department

For further information and to access forms online, visit the Village of Ossining Building Department website.

Village of Ossining Building Department
101 Rt 9A, 2nd Floor, Ossining, NY 10562
Phone: (914) 941-3199
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 3:30 pm

Building Department Website

Department of Public Works

Please call the Department of Public Works at 914‑941‑4600 for questions regarding: household garbage and bulk, commingled recyclables, metal pickup, organic yard waste, and newspaper/cardboard pickup.

Public Works Website