Be Informed


Research shows that litter can reduce property values, impact quality of life and economic development. You play a big role in keeping Ossining clean.

It’s the Little Things

One person, one business, one organization can positively affect the behavior of others in the community.

When we all work together to do our small part, our community thrives. Here are some simple things you can do to help make Ossining a more beautiful place, every single day.

Place trash in garbage bins. Don’t spit your gum on the sidewalk or put trash in tree planters.
Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
Make sure your home trash bins have tight fitting lids and that all bags are secured for curbside pickup.
Know your garbage and recycling schedule and follow proper recycling habits.
Ask business owners to keep their storefronts clean and free of litter.
Provide support to businesses that practice litter prevention.

Make The Little Big Pledge to keep Ossining clean!